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North County Academy of Dance is committed to providing quality dance training to the North County area. Our hope is to instill in each student the focus, work ethic, passion and technique needed to excel, while infusing them with a lifelong appreciation for the art of dance. Our diverse program promotes the highest standards in classical ballet training as well as in more contemporary dance forms, giving our students the opportunities they need to pursue their goals in an encouraging environment.  

Is a partner with the following charter schools. Please inquire at the front desk for more details.

Celebrating Our Dancers!

YAGP Winners

2019 Keliah Peterson, 1st Place Contemporary/Top 12 Classical/Invite to NYC Finals

2019 Emma Veling, 2nd Place Contemporary/Top 12 Classical/Invite to NYC Finals

2019 Akeelah Duffy, 3rd Place Contemporary

2019 Julianna Veling/Eduardo Cazarez 3rd Place Duo/Invite to NYC Finals

2019 Victoria Veling, Top 12 Classical and Contemporary

2019 Eduardo Cazarez/Keliah Peterson, 3rd Place Pas De Deux/Invite to NYC Finals 

2019 Eduardo Cazarez 1st Place Classical and Contemporary/Invite to NYC Finals

2019 Kalista Devera, Top 12 Contemporary

2019, Top 6 Ensemble "Tibet"

2019 Top 12 Ensembles: "The Tide". "Kinetic", "Every Time We Say Goodbye"

2019 "Kinetic" and "Every Time We Say Goodbye" Invite to NYC Finals

2018 Emily Hood, 1st place Contemporary/Top 12 Classical

2018 Keliah Peterson, 3rd place Contemporary/Top 12 Classical/NYC Finals

2018 Eduardo Cazarez, 1st place Classical/Top 12 Contemporary

2018 Nicole Chin, Top 12 Contemporary/Top 24 Classical

2018 Emma Veling, Top 12 Contemporary

2018 Hannah Chin, Top 12 Contemporary

2018 Kalista Devera, Top 12 Classical

2018 Julianna Veling/Grace Auge, Top 12 Contemporary Duo and invitation to NYC Finals

2018 Contemporary Ensemble "Undone", Top 12 and invitation to NYC Finals:

2017 Keliah Peterson, Top 12 Classical and Contemporary/NYC Finals

         2017 Emily Hood, 3rd Place Classical/Top 12 Classical

      2017 Julianna Veling, Top 24 Classical

       2017 Victoria Veling, Top 24 Classical

2017 Ian Masters-Moore, 3rd Place Classical

2017 Hayley Weber, Top 12 Contemporary/Top 24 Classical

  2017 Grace Auge/Julianna Veling, Top 12 Contemporary Duo

2016 Victoria Veling, 3rd Place Ensemble

2016 Victoria Veling, Top 12 Classical

2016 Julianna Veling, Top 12 Classical

2016 Ian Masters-Moore, Top 12 Contemporary

2016 Michaela Kinsey, Top 12 Classical

2015 Josue Moreno, 1st place Classical/2nd place Contemporary

2013 Victoria Veling, Invite to NYC


Just to Name A Few...

May we also recognize our many dancers that have received scholarships, and gone on to year round school/summer intensive programs at the following: The Kirov Academy of Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Orlando Ballet, The Rock School of Dance, American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, Pacific Northwest Ballet School Burklyn Ballet, Southland Ballet Academy, Complexions Ballet, Buttler University, Fordham University, Boston Conservatory, The Joffrey Ballet School and trainee programs, San Francisco Ballet School, The Harid Conservatory, The Houston Ballet Academy,

The English National Ballet School, North Carolina School of the Arts, and the

Spotlight Music Center Scholarship.

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