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Rules of Conduct

Please arrive early for classes.

Students who arrive late must ask the instructor for permission to join the class.  Please wait for a chance to approach the teacher between combinations. 

Due to injury prevention, students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be require to observe the class.  Cell phones must be kept out of sight and ringers turn off during class time.

Do not bring food or gum into the studios.  Parents and observers are welcome! If you choose to watch class, please remember to be quiet and unobtrusive at all times.  Parents must pick up students promptly after class.

  • NCAD is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. 

  • NCAD is not equipped for child care after class

  • NCAD is not responsible for student posts on social media. Please be respectful and considerate of others when you post.

Absences and Make-ups

There will be no credits or refunds for classes missed. 

Absences may be "made-up" at within one month of the missed class if tuition for the current month is paid. Any other class may be taken for a make-up class as long as it is the correct level as deemed by the instructor and cannot be done in a consecutive order for more than 3 weeks. Please inform the front desk if you are attending a class as a “make-up.”

Dress Requirements  

Please adhere to all dress code requirements as listed below. Dancers in ballet should have their hair brushed up off the neck and put into a ballet bun. All other genres should have their hair in a secure ponytail. Long bangs need to be clipped aside out of eyes (hip-hip excluded).

Costumes and jewelry are not appropriate for dance class and may pose as a hazard to dancers.  

Leotard colors are per level and as follows:

Beginning ballet: Pink

Ballet 1: Light blue

Ballet 2: Lavender

Ballet 3: Navy blue

Ballet 4: Teal

Ballet 5: Burgundy

Ballet 6: Black

Please wear the appropriate color leotard for your level.  Failure to do so may result in removal from class.

Boys ballet: white t-shirt/dance shirt, black mens/boys tights and black ballet shoes

  • SWW Dancewear, 28780 Front Street, B4, Temecula, 92590

"Discount for all NCAD dancers"

(951) 693-0255

For our parents....

We welcome your feedback and would love to answer any questions you have! Please be aware that there is not always adequate time before or after class to converse with the instructor as they may be teaching another class. You may need to plan accordingly if you have a question that may take more than a few minutes. Please email us at or call the school number at (760) 703 4958.

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