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Preprofessional Training Program

Designed for the home-schooled student ages 9+who wants focused and well rounded dance training. 

Small class sizes, detailed attention to correct technique and encouraging feedback are the hallmarks of the program, which offers a more complete, holistic approach to training in professional Classical Ballet and Contemporary.


Our goal is to provide the highest level of training while preparing our students for a potential career in dance, giving them the tools they need to successfully audition for summer programs, college dance programs, and professional dance companies. 


The benefits of such a program stretch beyond the potential career dancer, for while students grow in artistry and technique, they will also develop self-discipline, strength of character,  creativity, connections with other dancers and teachers- and so many other traits that will aid them no matter what vocation they choose.

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Dancers in the program are expected to train upwards of 10 hours a week for level 3, 12 for the levels 4-6. 

Classes include classical ballet, pointe/variations, lyrical, contemporary, as well as a rotation of cross-training courses including (but not limited to) pilates, turn technique class, legs and leaps, stretching and strengthening, yoga for dancers, nutrition, choreography and composition, dance history, etc.

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Each day in the pre-professional program will consist of ballet technique and pointe or pre-pointe, followed by either lyrical, contemporary, or one of the rotation classes mentioned above, with Friday having 2 additional hours after ballet/pointe. 


Dancers in level 4/5/6 of the program will be required to take 4 ballet classes a week, and will therefore be required to enroll in one additional ballet class at NCAD.

Performance Opportunities and Competitions.


Students in the pre-professional program will have the opportunity to perform several pieces in our annual Summer Production, and they will be encouraged to audition for and participate in the Nutcracker (performance fees will apply).

Coaching sessions will be available during the day as well, which can accommodate some of our serious students who are training to compete at Youth America Grand Prix, American Dance Competition/International Ballet Competition, Universal Ballet Competition, Dance Open America, World Ballet Competition, US Prix de Ballet, ICON dance awards, California Dance Classics, CIAD México, among others.



Some of our dancers may wish to expand their dance experience and take one or more evening classes in genres that we don’t offer during the day program. In light of this, our pre-professional students in the 3 day program may enroll in any of the evening or weekend classes at no additional charge!

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 *classes subject to change

Level 3/4:             


10:30-11:30 rotation class, 11:30-1:30, ballet/pointe


11:30-1:30 ballet/pointe, 1:30-12:30 lyrical


10:00-12:00 contemporary, 12:00-2:00 ballet/pointe

Level 5:             


12:30-1:30 rotation class, 1:30-3:30, ballet/pointe


12:30-1:30 Lyrical, 1:30-3:30 ballet/pointe


12:00-2:00 ballet/pointe, 2:00-4:00 contemporary

Level 6:             


11:30-12:30 rotation class, 12:30-2:30, ballet/pointe


12:30-2:30 ballet/pointe, 2:30-3:30 lyrical


12:00-2:00 contemporary, 2:00-4:00 ballet/pointe



 *subject to change

3 Day program: $480 per month                *additional evening classes at no cost

2 Day program: $360 per month                *additional evening classes at 1/2 off

Sibling discount: siblings enrolled in either     the ptp program or in evening classes get 1/2 off their tuition. 





*All Students Must Register Online and Enter Credit Card for Enrollment.

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